If you are looking for excellent guidance and options in Long Term Care Insurance,, contact Jeff Dunst. I attended his workshops and called him afterwards to discuss LTHC for ourselves and elderly parents.  He came to our home multiple times to patiently go through options, pros and cons, and logistics until we were ready to make a decision.  His clear priority is to take the time to help you identify your needs and find the policy that best fits them.  His decades of experience and his knowledge of the different providers and trends in the industry are useful when selecting policies.                                             

Karen R. and John M.

As I approached age 65, I wanted to purchase a long-term care policy.  I learned about Jeff via a business networking group,  and was impressed by his credentials listed on his website.  I had spoken with a rep at USAA who only offered me two products, and then I spoke with Jeff who offered me a whole other range of options.  Needless to say, the intricacies of these policies need to be understood and Jeff explained why a "cash benefits" policy was so important and helped me hone in, on the right policy for me.  Jeff has been wonderful to work with—he's knowledgeable, patient, kind, responsive, attentive to detail and kept me in the loop throughout the process.  I'm so happy to have worked with Jeff and know that I have a great LTC policy that's perfect for my needs.

Teri B.

My business, NJLTC, is a Long-Term Care General Agency and Jeff uses NJLTC to obtain illustrations, information, and finally to submit his business.  Jeff's knowledge of the Long-Term Care industry and its products is unsurpassed by anyone in our industry.  His natural curiosity benefits his customers.  He is relentless in his pursuit of the best product, pricing, and contract for his clients.  Jeff also relates his personal experience to his sales opportunities.  His ability to personalize his inquiries to each of his client's needs is what sets Jeff apart from the average Long Term Care Insurance Salesperson.  My final endorsement is the most powerful.  If I needed an insurance expert to sell Long Term Care to a friend or relative, I would pick Jeff Dunst!

Dennis O. 

I've known Jeff for a little more than one year.  Over that time, in addition to developing a strong friendship, I have become extremely impressed with his level of professionalism as well as level of expertise in the areas of Long-Term Care and Life Insurance.  The true testimonial for Jeff is that he was able to impress my parents to the point where they decided to purchase LTC Insurance through Jeff when I had been trying (unsuccessfully) to get them to purchase for years.  His access to an unlimited number of carriers is also very comforting since it is evident that he works for his client and not a specific carrier.

Jon S. 

I've known Jeff Dunst on a professional basis for 30 years.  In my career, I worked with over 500 insurance professionals in northern NJ including Jeff.  I was always impressed by the way Jeff listened to his clients, counselled them, and put their needs above his own.  When it came time for me to obtain protection in an area, I was not familiar with, Long Term Care Insurance, I turned to Jeff.  Jeff explained the product and options patiently and helped me obtain a quality product.  When it came time for my wife to secure LTC Insurance I didn't hesitate to contact Jeff.  I certainly and without hesitation give Jeff my highest recommendation. He is a true professional.

Jim S.