Hybrid Products

Life insurance and long-term care insurance can be combined into a hybrid, linked-benefit product. Hybrid products offer guaranteed, never-increasing premiums, as well as additional benefits. These benefits include a return of premium option and death benefit. You can also add inflation protection so your coverage keeps pace with rising costs. 

Policies are offered both in reimbursement payment and cash/indemnity payments. A reimbursement contract will pay you up to the amount that you are being billed, not to exceed your benefit. To receive this reimbursement amount in your home, you must have a licensed caregiver and you must submit a claim form every month; a cash/indemnity policy will give you the full amount of benefits you purchased regardless of the amount of your monthly bill and you never have to submit claim forms The caregiver is not required to be licensed; it can be a caregiver of your choosing.