LTCI Calculators

Now you can click the buttons in the sub menu to view the charts. Descriptions of what each chart will show you are below:

Cost of Care Generator: Check out the costs of care for the major cities in your state.

Self Insuring (Savings Chart): See the financial ramifications of trying to save to pay for long-term care.

Cost of Waiting: Hesitation can be costly. If you're thinking about waiting before you buy, see how this strategy may impact you.

Co-Insuring: You can keep your long-term care premiums low if you co-insure. This charts helps you determine your co-insurance tolerance.

Inflation: Inflation will cause the cost of care services to increase over time. See how a Benefit Increase Rider helps your policy keep up with inflation.

Elimination Period: The Elimination Period is your policy's deductible and is measured in days. Translate your deductible back into dollars to see the real costs to you.

Lump Sum Chart: Find out how much money you need to put aside today to pay for a future long-term care stay.

Recoup Premiums Chart: Find out how many days on claim it will take you to recoup all of your premiums paid.